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On HP servers the iLo remote management console can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. It works fine when it needed, but the default settings can make you hard days if you are an UNIX admin like us; I can say, when it accessed through ssh it is fine, but when you need it to use from browser, it can made your life hard (needs java plugin installed, and I can say you could be only sure if it will work, when you use Internet Explorer. Muhaha!) So here is how you can keep your zen calmness when you use HP servers, and linux together.

First, you need to disable Power-On logo in system BIOS. At boot time, press F9 and when you are in RBSU locate Advanced Options > Advanced System ROM Options > Power-On Logo, and set it to Disabled. The first part is solved, when you boot your server you can watch POST messages on ilo text cons while booting up.

After the linux kernel starts to boot, you will not see any information, but a text about

Monitor is in graphics mode or an unsupported text mode. 

Nice, huh?

So the second part is to edit system boot parameters (/boot/grub/menu.lst), add

vga=normal nomodeset 3

to the end of your kernel boot parameters, so the kernel won't switch to framebuffer mode when bootin up, and you will see useful informations on your text console. (And if there is some problems at boot time, you can fix it without starting browser and java.

I'm also recommend to remove 'quiet' and 'rhgb' parameters too, to get a real informative bootup screen, instead of redhat's graphical boot manager which looks pretty, but not too informative.

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