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MySQL variables module for ansible

As we have told this so many time, we love to use ♥Ansible♥.

So, I created and another module for this besides the mysql_replication, named mysql_variables.


The purpose of this module to get/set variables from running MySQL servers, and avoid to use shell module for this, because that is a bit frustrating, and there are long commands to run.

For example, when you wanna to set read_only mode via shell, you can do that like this:

ansible -m shell -a "mysql -e 'select @@read_only'" | success | rc=0 >>   [root@admin banyek]# ansible -m shell -a "mysql -e 'set global read_only=1'" | success | rc=0 >>  

Not so neat, isn't it, eh? And I have not speak about the —user and —password variables, to this could be real annoying.

That's why I made this module, because it is a bit easier to use (and I like to use own toolset with the same alike problems.) and it can be act as more 'ansible like' with 'changed' tags, and so on. Like this:

[root@admin banyek]# ansible -m mysql_variables -a "variable=read_only" | success >> {     "changed": false,     "msg": [         [             "read_only",             "OFF"         ]     ] }  [root@admin banyek]# ansible -m mysql_variables -a "variable=read_only value=1" | success >> {     "changed": true,     "msg": "Variable change succeeded" } 

That's it. Its simple like a hammer, and useful like a ... yeah, like a hammer. :D

So use it, hopefully it will be part of official ansible release (along with mysql_replication) but until that, you can download it from my github. Just place it under library/databases and you can start using it.

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